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About Us

A local barbershop but so much more than a simple haircut. We will style your image how you want it and more than likely, even better.

We are here to the bridge the gap between the people of Pilsen. For those who we’ve never met we give them a place to build themselves from; by providing a foundation of love, courage, strength.

We are about open conversation. We want relationships to grow and be part of the process. Our environment is of comfort. Relax and unwind, this is your home away from home, the neighborhood headquarters. We share info on neighborhood events and activities.

Our clients tell us their stories. From teachers to entrepreneurs, from police men and women to students; our customers are of all walks of life. We love to hear their stories and adventures. We are in the center of the city of big shoulders, and at the center of this beautiful neighborhood filled with art, music, delicious food and love. Come and join us. We are Heart of Pilsen 22.

Our Services

(Prices are at barbers discretion and availability on booksy.)

Gentleman’s Haircut

Any style you want. Old school or modern, we will get you looking fresh.

Hot Face Shave

Old fashioned shave to refresh your skin.

Gentleman’s Cut And Hot Shave

Go from scruffy to hubby with a full style change.

Beard Cleanup
Get your beard from shaggy to classy.

Gentleman’s Cut And Beard Cleanup

Go from scruffy to hubby with a full style change.

Skin Fade and Line Up

The fade that never goes out of style.

Haircut over 4in.

Get that longer hair under control.

Strictly Neck Shave

Clean look, clean feel.




I was born in Pilsen when it was known as 18th St. I lived in many places as well as the surrounding neighborhoods. Traveling I got to see many cultures and lifestyles, but I always came back to Pilsen.

I’ve been cutting hair since I reached double digits. My mom handed my brother, my cousin and I clippers; and the freedom to do what we wanted with our heavily haired heads. It began there and it never stopped. We weren’t always the best, we got better by never giving up and making sure we were satisfied with our finished product. 

I am a licensed barber and have been in the industry for 13 years professionally. I have cut hair with some of the older barbers of Chicago and with the men and women at a military base in California. From older gentleman’s hair cut to a newer fresh cut of today’s styles; from hot shaves and beard clean ups, I can get you down to the skin or leave you with a bit of volume to style. I can almost guarantee that you will leave more than satisfied.

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1654 S Allport St.

Chicago IL 60608,

Phone: 312) 230-8678

Open: Mon- Thu 10AM- 6PM, Fri 9AM – 6PM,
Sat 8AM-3PM, Sun 11AM – 3PM

HOP 22

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